Wharf Clinic lip Filler

Lip Filler

What is lip filler and How it works?


Lip filler is a quick and safe treatment for lip augmentation to plump, created more defined border around lips and achieve proportionally more desired balanced look between upper and lower lips.


We use top quality Swiss made Hyaluronic Acid – a clear biodegradable gel which is naturally present in the body. This is placed carefully in the body of the lip and or the border of the lip to produce volume and definition. The gel gradually over a few weeks integrates into the lips softening and settling. The results can be subtle or dramatic.



  • A more pleasing lip shape and volume

  • A natural result using a variety of techniques

  • Enhance/more defined border; cupids bow and philtrum which is the columns between the lip and nose.

  • Subtle and natural which is often preferred by our patients  



Injectables at our Clinic:


  • Performed by highly experienced doctor, doing thousands of treatments each year

  • Using FDA approved and top-quality brands for maximum effect and safety

  • Thorough and detailed consultation to assure the best and most suitable course of treatment

  • 4 weeks free review by same doctor

Treatment Summary

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30 minutes 

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Immediate. However, swelling usually occurs after 24 hours and persists for a few days

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Usually within 96 hours

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We generally use anaesthetic cream

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Modern high-quality dermal fillers cause a low risk of sensitivity. Rarely late inflammatory nodules occur, and these can be managed

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Immediate, but take a week or so to settle

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 23.01.39 copy.


Usually 4 to 6 months

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Uneven result/unsatisfactory result


Intravascular occlusion

Late inflammatory nodules

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1-2 per individualised treatment segment

Frequently asked questions

Is lip filler treatment painful?

The treatment is quick and short with some minimal discomfort. We generally use anaesthetic cream but can provide a dental block. We try to minimise discomfort.

What to expect on your 1st visit?

At your 1st appointment you will have a detailed and thorough consultation with your doctor to discuss your concern, examine and prescribe the best course of treatment accordingly. If no contraindication and lip filler is the most suitable option, treatment can be performed same day or rebook for another day.

What is the post-care procedure and what to expect?

The required advice will be given by your doctor during your appointment, to deal with possible side effect such as swelling, Hardness which may persists for a few weeks. Lumps are not uncommon in lip augmentation and usually disappear with massage after 4 weeks.

Most lumps are not visible. They are due to the nature of lips being an active muscle which can concentrate the filler into one area or due to inflammation following the procedure.

Will you see immediate result?

The results are immediately visible but take a week or so to settle to the longer-term result.

The result normally last for 4 to 6 months.

Treatment Price

Lip plumping 1ml


Lip plumping 2ml


Lip plumping 0.5ml


Lip/Peri-oral reconstruction