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Acne / Maskne Special Offer

Wharf Clinic Acne.jpg

Win your confidence and achieve your naturally glowing, brighter skin, with standalone or combination of solutions.


At Wharf Clinic we run a thorough consultation and which treatment course to choose, will be done based on the full skin assessment to each individual's need. Such solutions may include: 

ClearSkin :    


Treatment : Harmony XL-Pro ClearSkin, 1540nm Erbium:Glass non fractional Laser             
Action : To removes sebum and clears clogged pores            
Result : Reduces pain, redness and swelling for clearer skin    


Clearlift :    


Treatment : Harmony XL-Pro ClearLift 1064nm Fractional Q-Switched Laser             
Action : to increase expression of aquaporins, procollagen, collagen type I and elastin            
Result : to improve the resistance and quality of the skin surface     


Chemical Peel :  


Treatment: Chemical Peel             
Action : to gently loosen dead and damage cells from living ones            
Result : promoting the production of new cells for a younger, brighter look

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