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Unwanted Hair

Unwanted Hair - Wharf Clinic.jpg

Removing unwanted hair is one of the most popular treatments by women and men. However, to choose the right treatment remains the main concerns for patients while looking around the market to get this treatment done.


At Wharf Clinic we are proud to offer this treatment with Soprano Titanium, the award-wining, FDA approved and advanced laser technology for delivering safe, pain free, fast and unprecedent result for all our clients.


There are many reasons that superiors Soprano Titanium to some alternative treatments available today and no doubt due to its’ amazing comfort and benefits, it is the popular treatment among celebrities.


So Why choosing Soprano Titanium, can be summarized as below:


  • Combining 3 laser wavelengths in single hand piece for maximum penetration and effect

  • Suitable for all skin types including tanned skin

  • Suitable for all hair types

  • Totally pain free due to ICE cooling contact

  • Different size hand pieces, 4cm2 spot size for larger areas which makes the treatment as fast as treating full legs in 20 minutes or full back in 5 minutes, 2cm2 spot size for smaller areas and smaller nozzle for hard to reach areas such as crown’s feet for maximum coverage

  • No down time and suitable short treatment for lunch time

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