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FIT 3D BODY SCAN Wharf Clinic

What is FIT 3D

The Fit3D ProScanner offers a simple 40 second full body scan. This automatically provides you with a whole host of metrics (along with their virtual avatar) to track any fundamental body change.

Alongside tracking physical shape change through the avatar we also provide a comprehensive wellness assessment.


How It Works

The Fit3D ProScanner takes 1,200 images of the body while you are standing on a rotating plate and then uses advanced algorithms to stitch these together and create a virtual 3D avatar of the user. After the scan is complete it will give you your own login account, that you can access from any device, to view your virtual scan and wellness metrics that have been automatically generated.

This gives you a whole range of data including weight, full body measurements, body fat percentage, fat mass vs lean mass and a body shape wellness rating based on a comparison with over 300,000 scans logged. It also allows you to compare your 360 body avatars side by side view to review your shape change, whether it be for weight loss or muscle gain.

With your permission, we access to your data through the clinics own software dashboard for assessments and advising on tailored design body contouring course according to your needs.

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