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Wrinkles & Loss of laxity

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What are Wrinkles & Loss of skin laxity?


Wrinkle is a fold, ridge or crease in otherwise smooth surface and skin laxity refers to loosen skin, while are common and inevitable sign of ageing, other factors such as smoking, sun damage, life style and diet have direct affect on developing such conditions.


Wrinkles are more visible around eyes, forehead, face, neck and chest but it can appear anywhere. Loss of laxity is observed when the skin loses its firmness and skin looks sagging.


Thanks to advanced technologies and significant scientific improvement in treating wrinkles and loosen skin, there are safe and non-surgical solutions available today to replace old fashioned surgical and invasive procedures where preferred by patients, with almost low to non-downtime yet highly effective treatments with unprecedented results.


At Wharf Clinic we run a thorough consultation and offer a tailored approach treatment to each individual’s need. By combining breakthrough technologies and/or bespoke patented Chemical peel, your skin will look sensational.







How can you treat wrinkles and loss of laxity?


The choice of variety of treatments are available, to each address different age groups from 25 years and over. Combination of technologies can be advised for more mature skins for better result to work on reducing of sign of ageing, wrinkles and lifting effects while also several procedures are to prevent them.  


Most popular treatments may include:


  • For all skin types and more advanced procedures (from 30+ years):


Harmony XL Pro – ClearLift, ipixel, ClearSkin, NIR, HIFU, Radio Frequency, Chemical Peel + Homecare products 


  • Suitable for all ages and skin types (from 25+ years):


Harmony XL Pro – ipixel, ClearSkin, Microdermabrasion, LED, Electromesotherapy, Radio Frequency, Chemical Peel + Homecare products 


Suitable for all ages and skin types (from 18+ years):


Microdermabrasion, LED, Chemical Peel + Homecare products 

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