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COVID-19 Guidelines

Latest Update 19/07/2021


As per latest government announcement in lifting Covid-19 restrictions in England, risk assessments and accordingly appropriate safety protocols relies with private businesses to decide for own workplace.

Government guideline Priorities are:

•    Complete a health and safety risk assessment that includes the risk from COVID-19
•    Provide adequate ventilation
•    Clean more often
•    Turn away people with COVID-19 symptoms
•    Enable people to check in at your venue
•    Communicate and train (employees, clients & contractors)

Since we perform close contact treatments the following steps will remain in place when clients visit us:

1-    We continue to do the Health Check questionnaire before appointment
2-    Visits remain by appointments only
3-    Come alone for your treatment
4-    We do encourage visitors to sanitise hands or wash hands upon arriving to our building
5-    We advise clients to wear face covering for close contact treatments while inside treatment room.
6-    Therapists will continue to wear appropriate PPE.





Latest Update 11/04/2021

We are delighted to inform all our clients that our clinic will be re-open from 12th April.

To book your consultations and treatments please contact us via 




Latest Update 31/12/2020

Due to extended lockdown in Tier4 areas, we will remain closed until further notice.

If your appointment is affected by lockdown, please stay in touch with us by email to to reschedule. 

All booking and covid-19 safety procedures remains same as previous update below.



Latest Update 04/11/2020

Due to national lockdown we are closed from 5th Nov to 2nd Dec 2020.


If your appointment is affected by lockdown, please stay in touch with us by email to to reschedule. 


From 3rd December all booking and covid-19 safety procedures remains same as previous update below.





Latest Update 17/07/2020

Re-opening guideline:


We hope you are in good health and spirit and would like to thank you for your ongoing patience during the period of closure of the Clinic.


We have been eagerly waiting to reach to the right time to re-open and welcome you back to continue your treatments. During this period we have considered all options for a safe return including extensive risk assessment referencing government and industry guidelines in the process.


Please see below a summary of the new procedures and changes you will need to be aware of:


When will the clinic will re-open : We have a provisional date of 23rd July to re-open.


How do you book your appointments: We will be in contact with you via phone and also follow up email to schedule your appointments from 17th July. This means no booking will be confirmed before 17th. The earliest expected appointment is from 23rd July.


Can I use online booking: The online booking remains closed until further notice. All appointments will be via phone and email and we will start the process of booking from 17th July. We will not call any of the clients before 17th July for booking or confirm any appointment.


You may stay in touch with us by all means of communications that have been provided through our website. We will come back to you with any questions you may have and any requirements related to your bookings which you would like to notify us beforehand. 


How to cancel or reschedule appointments: While the online booking is closed, you can cancel or reschedule your appointments by calling the clinic or sending email at least 24 hours before your appointment. Failure to cancel the appointment will deduct the session from your course.


Appointment which were cancelled from 20th March afterwards due to lockdown: there is no deduction of sessions which were cancelled due to lockdown. There is no loss of sessions and they can be re-booked as part of your treatment course.


There will be less appointments per day, as more time is needed for deeper cleaning after each client and performing all required steps to increase your safety between appointments. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding to follow the cancellation policy and read and follow the Covid-19 guidelines set below:


Health questionnaire check 24 hours before your appointment: We will contact you by phone/email within 24 hours prior to your appointment to check if you experience any of the following:


As per Government Guidelines the most important symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of any of the following:

• a new continuous cough

• a high temperature

• difficulty breath

• a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)

Have you or has anyone you live with:

• experienced any of the above symptoms (in the last 14 days)​ Yes / No / Not sure

• awaiting a result on a test on COVID-19​​​​ Yes / No 

• tested positive for COVID-19 (in the last 14 days)​​ Yes / No 

• been contacted by the NHS Track and Trace system to self-isolate in the last 14 days​  Yes / No


If the answer to any of the above is yes or you are not sure you MUST cancel you appointment immediately and seek medical advice. You will NOT be charged a cancellation fee and we will reschedule your appointment for a later date once the period of Self Isolation is over (as per government guidelines)


These details collected will be held confidentially and in compliance with GDPR along with your normal consultation forms and in line with insurance requirements.


Staggering attendance for appointment: All clients are expected to come at the exact appointment time given. If you arrive earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment time, you may not be allowed to wait at the reception area and may need to wait outside the main reception. 


What to bring with yourself: Please bring the minimal required items with yourself. Keep all your belongings including mobile phones inside your bag or pocket. 


Come alone: Please attend the appointment alone. Only the client attending treatment is allowed in the room, no partner or child is let to enter the treatment room. 


What to expect upon Your arrival and what infection control measures we have in place:  

Upon your arrival, a member at the reception will ask your name to sign you in. Same will be for signing off at the end when you are leaving the building.

Seating area has been marked to follow social distancing. 

One of our staff members will be expecting you and meet you at the reception and guide to the treatment room. You will be asked to bin the disposable face mask/and or gloves, if you are wearing, and will be given hand sanitiser to clean your hand or wash your hands.


Our staff will be wearing advanced PPE during the treatment. This is for your protection and nothing to be alarmed by this.


We also perform advanced decontaminated processes and infection control.

*We are bearing most of the cost of PPE and not charging any extra for most of the treatments. For treatments on face which clients are without masks during treatment, more advanced PPE will be used and extra cost of £10 per session may apply to your treatment which you will be notify prior to your booking.


If you use face mask and gloves which you wish to take back home and wash,  please remove them before entering the reception area and keep them in a safely closed plastic bag. 


What you should wear: Except for facial treatments, you should wear a face mask throughout the treatment. If you do not bring your own unused and new disposable face mask, you will be given face mask by one of our members.


If you bring your own PPE, you should wear them only after you have washed and sanitise your hand with the guidance of our staff members at the reception area. You will not be allowed to wear used PPE, including a used  face mask.

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