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Dermal Filler

What is dermal filler and How it works?


Dermal fillers are a generic term for substances that create volume. It is part of the aesthetic injectable anti-ageing treatments to enhance facial skin features and some other part of body such as hands to achieve smoother and more youthful looking skin.


 There are different types of dermal filler, many are made of Hyaluronic Acid which have crosslinked bonds altering their strength and thickness. They are injected into the skin at a variety of depths. At Wharf Clinic all dermal filler treatments are offered by the best filler selection and technique for the desired outcome. This is a treatment by doctor only using a wide variety of techniques learned with working and teaching with the top manufacturers and Doctors internationally.



Fillers enhance areas that require volume including face, neck and hands. The results can be fantastic for a natural younger looking skin. 



Injectables at our Clinic:


  • Performed by highly experienced doctor over 20 years, doing thousands of treatments each year

  • Using approved and top-quality brands for maximum effect and safety

  • Thorough and detailed consultation to assure the best and most suitable course of treatment

  • 2-4 weeks free review by same doctor

Treatment Summary

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15 mins to 90 minutes

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About 3-4 days

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Anaesthetic will be used

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Modern fillers are inert and create very few issues but swelling can occur

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Immediate but it is 2-3 weeks before you can judge the result

The skin can also improve in texture over a few weeks

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On average 4 -12 months

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Intravascular injection and tissue necrosis

Uneven result

Unsatisfactory aesthetic result

Delayed inflammatory nodules

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Frequently asked questions

Is Dermal filler painful?

Your doctor uses local anaesthetic at the entry sites and often uses blunt canulae to reduce discomfort and increase safety. Local anaesthetic creams can also be helpful. There is anaesthetic mixed with the fillers making the procedure more comfortable.

What to expect on your 1st visit?

At your 1st appointment you will have a detailed and thorough consultation with your doctor to discuss your concern, examine and prescribe the best course of treatment accordingly. If no contraindication and dermal filler is the most suitable option, treatment can be performed on the same day or rebook for another day.

If your doctor believes you may benefit from other treatments instead or in addition to dermal filler such as botox or laser treatments, it may be recommended.

Will you see immediate result?

Immediate result can be seen, but it is 2-3 weeks before you can judge the result. The skin can also improve in texture over a few weeks.

Is dermal filler the right ani-ageing treatment?

You can highly benefit from this treatment if you target the loss of volume and desire for enhanced look of facial features mainly on mid to lower face. However, if other treatments instead or in addition to dermal filler is suitable, it will be recommended by your doctor such as botox or laser technologies to increase skin resistance, boosting collagen production and improving overall tone and texture. If you have concern with redness on the skin or pigmentation, laser treatments can be highly effective to complement the dermal filler for dramatic changes yet natural looking result.

Treatment Price

Cheeks & Jaw Line

Radiesse 1.5ml £400 Radiesse 3ml £600 Radiesse 4.5ml £725 Hyaluronic acid volume filler From £325


Tear trough From £475 Eyebrow lift & reshape From £575 Temple lift From £325


Smokers’ lip lines /bar codes £325 Nose to mouth lines, 1ml volume filler £325 Peri oral reconstruction £525


Hand rejuvenation £575


Ear Lobes £375