Skin Rejuvenation Special Offer

Smooth Shiny Skin

Skin Tightening

The replacement of old collagen with new elastic collagen, improves skin firmness and smoothness, creating a tightened appearance.


Exceptional skin tightening results, using a combination of three technologies: 

30% OFF

4 Sessions includinng Clearskin, Clearlift, NIR

Full Face+ Neck Was £1100 Now £770

Skin Tone

Treating vascular and pigment irregularities resulting in an overall even skin tone colure. 

30% OFF

3 Sessions including DyeVL, Clearlift, ipixel

Full Face + Neck Was £ 1410 Now £ 987

Skin Texture

Targeting small skin imperfections and pores while correcting fine lines, resulting in smoother skin. 

30% OFF

3 Sessions including ClearSkin, NIR, ipixel

Full Face + Neck Was £ 910 Now £ 637